Is blynk trustable for business?

we have made a prototype of our upcoming product using blynk. i just want to know is blynk safe, secure and trustable or not ??
Can anyone tell me the name of the company’s who had used blynk for their business ???

Here are a few published apps for real products.

More will be published soon, many are used internally by various big and small companies.

Anyone please tell me, if blynk is secure or not i mean data transfer, cloud storage everything is safe and secured or not ?

it should be as secure as any other IoT offering… but if you want even more, then use a Local Server.

Define secure. With such a broad statement I would say. Yes it’s safe.

Do you need 2 factors authentication? 12 characters password?


@Amardip it depends. Mostly on your hardware. Here is some basic info