Is Blynk Cloud Down?

All my projects not connecting to Blynk Cloud


Is there an issue? (My internet is fine, all other connections fine . . .)


It doesn’t look like it:

You can check the status of these three servers here:



Something going on, exiting connected projects are working fine, but I can’t connect with ant projects I’m working on. Multiple boards having the same issue connect to WiFi OK but cant connect to Blynk Cloud.

Looks like you are still using Port 8442… as mentioned in other topics, that has been changed to 8080 now, so that might be your issue with any projects that reconnect.

8442 should work anyway. This is something else I believe.

Oh, have the rules changed again, or just not yet been implemented in the Cloud? Hard to advise when we don’t know :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

No changes. Now 8080 should be used. 8442 is still there for back compatibility.

This is not something I’ve ever changed (or even have a clue how to change!), I just use Blynk.begin() and the magic happens . . .

Good… thought I was losing my… oh what is that called again… yes, memory :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

As shown in the example sketches… you can optionally set a port… I think, eventually, even the cloud will switch to needing 8080 as does Local Server now.