Is blynk cloud down? Region: ny3

Hi, I am in New Zealand.
This afternoon the blynk server seemed to have gone down. I couldn’t get to the Dashboard in APP or desktop. All devices down. It just came back it seems devices turned on, took a reading and updated V-pins but then went offline again. I can see the dashboard again but devices are offline.
A good lesson when using Edgent and everything stops when cloud is down.

@StefanNZ hello. Yes, the NY region was down for ~3 hours. Now all is up and running.

Hmm- all my devices are still showing offline. Tried clearing cache and restarting the app but no change
Update - I’ve had to restart each device to get them to reconnect to the server. They reconnected to wifi fine but not blynk server.

Hm… That strange. Please tell me your email. I’ll check, maybe I find something.

Thanks guys. Similar here. After the server came back I had to hardware reset (via the reset button was enough) to get mine back online including blynk server. Bummer that I installed a device on a roof today…I guess I have to climb up tomorrow to give it a kick start…and create a software watchdog timer in the firmware that can take care of that kind of event in Edgent.

Yeah Edgent is a bit of a bummer in these circumstances (some of my devices are at our holiday house 250 Km away - not a simple reset :grinning:). Thankfully I connect and update OTA via HTTP (not using Edgent) so wifi connection works and I can force a reset by uploading the sketch again.

@steve1 I see that 5 of 6 devices are online and connected to the server. Is that wrong?

@Dmitriy that is correct but I have reset them all. Still one to do. They have not reconnected to the server themselves.


Firmware should automatically reconnect to the server. However, in some cases of “broken connection” like this, the disconnect may not be detected (TCP/IP protocol specific). However, even in that case hardware should reconnect after some delay.

@vshymanskyy could you please advise, why reconnect is not happening?

Thanks @Dmitry. The fact that @StefanNZ has also had problems suggest it is not something local to me but I have been having periodic connection issues, particularly after a power failure when my modem goes down. I am still researching this and the best connection code but I suspect it may be my router which has trouble reconciling the dns at times. My router takes some time (up to 5 mins) to come back on line after a power failure and my ESP8266 boards look to reconnect much earlier than this so not sure if there is some timeout happening or a dns resolution issue. My knowledge is not strong in this space so I could be way off base here. I’m still working through connection threads on the forum.

I see. Thanks for the additional info. Let’s wait for the Volodymyr response. He had a ton of experience on issues like this.

Both of these guys are in Australia or New Zealand, but their projects seem to live on the New York server (assuming that was the only one that went down)?

I would have thought that their projects should live on the Singapore server.

Could this be some sort of DNS issue?


Thanks @PeteKnight. There is a bit of history behind this. Shortly after the move to Blynk V2, I had cause to log something on the forum and it highlighted that I was incorrectly connecting to NY3 and that there was a problem with the routing tables. This has all been fixed but for me to move to Singapore would require me to create a new account and build my devices again from scratch - so ny3 it is :grinning:

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Yeah. The was a bug with the routing at very Blynk 2.0 start for ~1 month. Also, we don’t have a mechanism currently to move users from one region to another. So we have to leave it as it is for now. Hopefully, someday we gonna implement this.

Is Blynk still down in Northeast US?
I connect to from the Boston/NY area.
It’s been unreachable since 22:30 EST last night.
Just discovered it this morning.

I am experiencing the same issue. All devices offline since ~10:30pm EST.

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It does seem that manually resetting the devices fixes the issue.

Sheesh. That’s brutal. Yes, manually resetting each and every device brings it back to Blynk.

I also use IFTTT in many of my sketches. Those connections stayed up - only Blynk went down, and stayed down.

@nils @thorathome servers are up and running, there are no known issues so far. However, some of the devices didn’t connect back after the server shutdown. “Reset device” solves the issue, we’ll check if that could be fixed on the firmware side as well.

Could you provide more info - what hardware do you use? Did you use provisioning or static token? Do you use SSL? We don’t know what is related, so any info could help.

I’m exclusively using esp8266 devices. Either nodemcu or wemos.
All of the projects I have are using the static token.
Not using ssl (that I know of?)