Is Blynk ban to myanmar or because of my internet connection

Hi friends,

I am from Myanmar and I tried to use blynk for my IoT project. But last 1 hour I can access the console website. But right now I cannot access the web console. And the worse is without VPN, the page show ‘can’t reach this page’. But with VPN, it shows only connection processing circle. What should I do?

In Myanmar, the website like facebook, instagram is ban and only can access with VPN software.

Maingalarpar @EiMyatMon
There are 5 different Blynk servers around the globe, but your account will only exist on one of them, The nearest one to Myanmar is in Singapore. If you use a VPN that masks your geolocation then your account may have been created on a different server such as London, New Your, Frankfurt or Bangalore.
Does your VPN allow you to choose which country you appear to be located in?

Also, the Singapore server was down earlier, which may have been the cause of the problem…


Thank you. It’s working

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Hi Pete, any idea of the problem for SGP server outage today or is there a report somewhere on the outage to see? I found out the hard way when I got clients calling from all over the country saying their devices were down :frowning:

I only knew about it when I read it here on the forum.

If it’s an issue then why not set-up a device to ping the server on a regular basis and send you a notification using Telegram or something similar if the server is unreachable?


Thants something to think about. We solved the code blocking issue when internet was lost but it seems blocking happens when the Blynk server is down too, its the first time theres been a server outage so didnt know that could be an issue, something else to work out, never a dull moment :slight_smile:

If you use Blynk.config() then you’ll need to specify a timeout if you don’t want the default of about 18 seconds to be used.
Also, you need to do a Blynk.connected() test before calling otherwise the timeout will be triggered and the device will just get one timeout after another.

You’ll need a timed routine to do re-connection attempts at a period that suits you.

Easy enough to test by unplugging the WAN cable out of the router.