Is Blynk APP on Raspberry possible?

Dear all,
I already managed it to run the blynk server on my raspberry pi
By the way thank you all for your great support to manage this.

I´m wondering if it is possible to run the bynk APP on a raspberry pi
My Idea is to run the raspberry together with a touch screen
So I want to do the same or similar functionalyty which is possible with my android phone
but using the touch of the raspberry. Than the blynk server should send out the commands to my
Arduino stuff.
Would this be possible ?
Do you have any idea or links for me?


i do not have too much experience with this, but afaik, the blynk app needs android or iphone to run. i see 2 possibilities:

  • try to run an android simulator on the rpi (it is also possible to install android os directly on the rpi, but then the server will not work)
  • depending on what you need to do, if you have java / html skills, you can put together a blynk ui, using blynk api (or see this: Blynk Web Dashboard)

Probably at the end of this year we will start implementation of blynk library for Android Things, as well as an app for android things, so it could be used with Raspberry Pi with Android Things.

This sounds great.
But could you explain somewhat more in detail?

Google has released Android Things, it’s own ‘thing’ for IoT, that among other boards supports Raspberry Pi3. We are planning to create android app version, that will work on Android Things.