IPV6 support for Blynk-cloud (Legacy App)

hi guys!
tried to use esp8266 on IPV4 worked but when tried to use IPV6 network, it didn’t connect on windows.
Can the blynk server work on IPv6 in anyways?


I initially assumed that you were talking about a local legacy server, but I see that you’ve said blynk-cloud (which presumably means blynk-cloud.com ?).

I’m tempted to ask exactly what it is that you’re trying to achieve and why, but as the Blynk legacy cloud servers will only continue working for another 142 days, I’m not sure it’s worth it.


Yes, it’s blynk-cloud.com.
I’m trying to control a few actuators connected serially with Mini PC, the jetson nano is connected to a 5G network which provides IPv6 but interestingly on Linux it works as on linux busybox might be responsible for the traslation to Ipv4(I’m guessing) and on Windows, it fails to run the blynk-ser.bat file and doesn’t connect, so I provided internet on Windows through USB tethering and it works.
So I checked and found IPv6 is not supported on the Legacy server and the USB tether is creating a local server and hence IPv4.

I want to use the new blynk app, to be honest, but need help to set up the webpage and the app. Yet to receive help from blynk sales-business team.

These two statements appear to contradict each other.

This makes absolutely no sense to me.
Local legacy servers do support IPV6, but USB tethering will not in itself create a local legacy server.

So you’re looking at a white label subscription for this project?
If so, the approach you’re using seems rather clunky for end users.

I would have thought that using the HTTP(S) hardware would have been more appropriate for the hardware you’re using.


Yeah so 5G ISP will only allow IPv6 and blynk-cloud works on IPv4 correct me if I’m wrong, now in linux busybox most probably works to convert from IPv6 to IPv4, but on windows such thing is not there so it won’t work.
I must mention I’m using ESP serially also it can be any microcontroller.

I don’t know.

I’d be surprised if it’s not possible in Windows.

You’ve lost me there!
You haven’t mentioned an ESP so far, and I don’t understand why you’d use the clunky serial batch file with a PC rather than WiFi.


I’m amazed, please don’t reply if you don’t know, the community is for others as well to reply.
I’ve mentioned about esp in my first line, please read blynk docs to understand the use of the batch file in windows for serial communication. it’s my wish to use any controller I want, you’re only allowed to suggest or else let others participate.


Fine, I’ll leave you to it.

Good luck!