iPhone Blynk 2.13.3 (0) offline notification stops working

I use Iphone 6 plus iOS 10.3.1, after update to 2.13.3 (0) when my devices goes off line, notification doesn`t work.
This is what I have done:

  • remove and once again put notification widget
  • remove Blynk from iOS and install it once again from Appstore
  • set notification priority to high
  • logout and login once again to project
  • remove Blynk app from second android phone which used the same project on the same account
  • Restart iphone

Offline notification also doesn`t work in version before, but in older 2.12.0 everything was ok.

Cloud or Local Server… and while it may not be directly related, which Library version are you running at time of compiling sketch?

Cloud version, library Blynk 0.4.10, devices: NodeMcu v2.

@Eugene could you please have a look?

And notifications also don’t come when you call Blynk.notify() from sketch?

When I call Blynk.notify() from sketch it works, only notification when device goes off line not works.

Have you used Android recently? Asking, cause in recent Android builds there is an option to turn off offline notifications. Is there a chance you hit it?

I will install once again Blynk on my wife`s phone and I will check is this function will be on/off. Thank you for suggestion.

Also double check you have the actual option for offline push notifications enabled in Notification widget itself.

You are genius, I installed once again Blynk on my wife s android phone and there was turned off offline notification option inside android version of Blynk, I even didn`t know that there was such additional setting. Now I turned on offline notification, uninstalled android Blynk and it works on my iPhone.
Thank you for your support.

Cool. And we’ll be adding the same setting in the next iOS update.

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