Iphone 6S and Ipad getting " This not a valid Blynk QR Code "

I have read the doc concerning this problem 3 times but still can’t find a solution. I have also read all the topics concerning this problem.
I am trying to scan Heating Controller with Scheduler by psoro.
My 70+ brain is not as sharp as it used to be. Hope you can push me in the right direction. Running Blynk in the cloud.

I tested it and get the same error on my Android… @psoro? You might need to repost the QR?

Or perhaps if you are using a Local Server(not sure if those QRs still translate to others outside of the originating server or not anymore)

Hi Gunner
Many thanks for the quick response U have made an old man feel 10 years younger !!


mmm… I’m really sorry, I’m facing the same issue using cloud… I didn’t check it when I posted the QR…

@BlynkAndroidDev, can you please be so kind to support here?

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@psoro it seems it could not connect to your local server to get a project scheme to clone it

Hi @haywood,
please, check this QR, I have just copied/pasted all items using CLOUD server

Hi psoro
Thank you so much, my iphone does recognise the qr code and i’m looking at H.Controller on my phone. Not a coder in any sense of the word , a beginner really. I love the way you have set out the different parts of your code. I don’t understand a lot of it yet and I’m hoping that it will teach me when i start using it. I hope to emulate your neat way of coding Thanks again for the quick response


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