IP Camera support


Does anybody know if among features there will be support for IP Cams, or mjpg streaming?

I am currently using mjpg-streamer on my raspberry pi’s streaming to ZoneMinder, but it would be so much cooler if blynk would incorporate such functionality, trigger actions based on detected movement in predetermined sections of the frame, or overlay video stream with some sensor data…



Great Idea. Streaming video to Blynk is planned for future releases.

For early stages, we considered using 3rd parties like www.ustream.tv. But the streamer you mentioned also looks interesting and feasible.

Thanks for sharing.


Wow! Great!
If this post made to App Feature Ideas I am better off explaining that I made mistake in OP, and I meant to say: “…trigger actions based on detected movement in predetermined sections of the frame…”.

Thanks for listening!

Processing live video on the smartphone all the time might be very power consuming. I agree that it’s an awesome feature but I doubt it can be done on a background. I like the idea of showing overlays on the video - sounds cool!

Oh, I know. I probably misunderstood function of local server, as I thought video processing could be handled there… I might have to read some more… Thanks Pavel

I have a pixy from kickstarter. Could be another possibility for support.


+1 for this idea. Id like a widget that I could configure the cam URL and a refresh rate (To limit bandwidth). Just need something to take staggered snapshots.