iOS updates

I have the feeling updates on iOS are not available in some countries. I saw in the American App Store, the last update is 2.7.4 while in the Netherlands the last update is 2.5.5. Is there a difference? Because I see many updates on android comming through on the forum, but no iOS updates…

Can anybody tell me what’s the reason? Maybe Apple is not fast enough with allowing new updates in the App Store.

Apple is really lazy in their review proces, so it’s partly their fault. I think they sped things up a bit lately, but I’m not sure how that translates in actual faster updates.

This is because our iOS dev is not on full time anymore. So iOS dev. will be 2 times slower now.

But why is in America the version 2.7.4 and in the Netherlands 2.5.5?

I don’t know.

It probably has to do with geobased location services, dispersed data centers and not all update go at once because of the massive data volumes involved.

New update came online! But can’t add the new widgets… App freezes when adding new widgets on local server…

@hutje What iOS version do you have? Do you have latest server?

iOS 2.5.6
Raspberry server idk. Where can I find the current version?

I mean iOS version, not app version.

Look at file name.

I think I found it. I need the 0.18.1 server. Now I got 0.17.0…:joy:

You need 0.18.3 :slight_smile:

Found the problem. I didn’t edit the crontab so everytime it opened the 0.17.0 server instead of the 0.18.3 I already had downloaded on the raspberry.

@Dmitriy Is ther a way to sign up for beta testing the iOS app versions? This way the updates can be used as soon as you open the beta version. Now we have to wait everytime until Apple reviewed the version.

@hutje nice idea. As I know apple doesn’t have nothing like that in order to make beta testing.

@Dmitriy Is this what you are looking for? :thinking:

I downloaded new iOS version everything appears to work but I was looking forward so much to try video streaming … doesn’t appert to be in this release, any idea when that we’d get will be released ?

Also eventor seem not been included in this update

Eventor, video are next. However they are not yet started.

@Dmitriy I second the testflight option - you can have as many as 1000 testers per app (only requires email addresses, no device info required). A review is still required but I have not seen it take more the 24hours usually.