iOS template broken

here is my setup :
android 12 blynk app 1.15.1 (179)
iOS blynk app 3.7.1 (0)

I experienced different difficulties when editing my template :
on android, it is very difficult and quite impossible to adjust a widget in the grid when it is close to another one or close to the edges
on iOS, cloning/adding widget leads to superimpose them, or to shift down all other widgets placing the new widget in the first free place on top of the screen any free size it is

after struggling with this, the result for the same device template is not the same on android an iOS :
on android, the widgets are placed as expected
on iOS, some widgets at the top of the screen are randomly placed

can you please have a look ?

thanks a lot

in addition :
on iOS I can see and edit some widgets but they do not show when running
same widgets have completely disappeared on android

I have to suspend editing since it brokes templates or make widgets vanishing

Our QA team is looking into this.

on “on iOS I can see and edit some widgets but they do not show when running, same widgets have completely disappeared on android” - it is possible that they were hidden due to isHidden property. Can you check on Console: that device, its datastreams tab, in the table you can check either those widgets datastreams have isHidden property in them or not, and clear it if necessary.

Can you provide some examples in which case it is not wokring? We have recently been fixing this flow, and it seems to be resizing fine.

On the edges issue - we are working on improving that behavior, somehow during first resize try system does not always apply an override of its gestures zone

the invisible widgets finaly disappeared completely
I send you PM with android and iOS screen shots of same device :
on android widgets are missing and other widgets overlaps
on iOS there is an empty space

about edges, it is easier to resize the widgets than to stick them against another one

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