iOS problem with chart

Hello, I have got problem with chart or with datastreams in chart … I am using iOS application on iPhone 7 and while I set up new datastream ( name, value … ) it won´t be saved … There is not button for manual save datas and when I swipe left then everything will be lost ( value, pin, name … ) … Then I can´t use chrat :frowning:

Hmmm, this is Blynk, not Tinder. No swiping left/right here!

You have to hit the left arrow icon at the top of the screen, then hit the OK icon in the top right of the screen, followed by the Play icon at the top right.


Thanks for report. Swiping a screen back instead of taping a back button is expected on iOS. We’ll fix that.

For now, as Pete said, please explicitly use a button at the top left to go back from Datastream settings to Chart settings.