IOS Issue: Account not sync between devices

Hi there, I’m a new user and have just finished setting my project on my iphone. :slight_smile: I’ve found when I log into my account on my ipad, my project details are not there but my energy consumption is the same. Is it possible sync project data so that the same project seteups on two different devices?

I started thinking about this and recalled something… but as an Android user I didn’t really read it at the time, but I guess the multiple IOS devices benefit is recent… check out this link.

Unfortunately it appears that IOS tablets may not be supported in this feature. Not clear if this is an Apple control issue or not.

As a side disclaimer, when installing on Android it does show on the Play Store that the app is designed for phones.

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It should be synced between all devices (Android/iOS/iPad). Pls recheck it.
Or provide more details(like screenshots from both devices/project settings/steps to reproduce).