Ios crash with 8.1

I have regular iphone 6 running version 8.1 which is jailbroken. Every time I try to log in the app crashes. When I try to reopen it you can see it is trying to reconnect again and crashes. The only way to interrupt the crashing is to click at the bottom like I was going to be setting up a new server. The app works fine on my older phone.

It’s a very weird case. Did you try to reinstall the app? Create a new user?

We will need your crashlogs please. Send them to

Here is how you can do it:

Pavel, Yes, I tried new user, deleting app and reinstalling. The weird thing about deleting it was after I reloaded it the bug was still there. Is what I mean is the app tried to connect like it was before without me entering in the user and password again. I thought deleting removed all data but it managed to save the previous state.

App securely saves login/password in system keychain. System don’t remove items from keychain when user delete application.

Can you please share crash report, it’s really strange and we wan’t to investigate it.

How can I share crash report?

You can use links provided by Pavel or you also can find logs in phone and just copy paste info.
Logs path: “General -> About -> Diagnostics & Usage -> Diagnostic & Usage Data” or “Privacy -> Diagnostics & Usage -> Diagnostic & Usage Data” depends on iOS version. You will need to find logs that starts with “Blynk”.

I found I had the sharing the crash reports to developers turned off. I have it on now and I got the crash to happen a few times. I see it listed now in event data. I can’t select all and send here. I hope you get a copy of it through apple. Let me know if I can do anything else.

I found the app that was causing the crash. It’s called Xcon. It’s used to bypass jailbreak detection that some apps use. I removed it and Blynk works now.

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