iOS Blynk app not updating

What could be causing my app to be very slow to update to the current values sent from hardware and not updating to the current on or offline status of my hardware unless I refresh the app.
Here’s what I noted.

  1. Using serial on the hardware for debugging I see the values are being sent.
  2. Whenever I monitor the web dashboard it shows the values change from the hardware immediately.
  3. The app seems to update more reliably when I have the web dashboard open. Strange one.
  4. The app fails to always show the online or offline status of the hardware. This attached screenshot was 7 hours after the hardware was powered off and it still shows it as online.

Does the iOS app not update in the background? Because when I open the app it doesn’t show the updated values from my sensors. But if I leave the app open and the screen on it will update values to the app just fine. The old Blynk would update even with the app closed or else update when I opened the app.

What values you find outdated - like the device tiles values, or do you mean values shown by widgets when you left the device opened in the app?

Yes, only if I go back to the device tile and pull down on the screen to refresh it then click on it and go to the dashboard will I have updated widgets. Is this how it’s supposed to work?

@parrot Yeah, I could reproduce what you are saying. thanks for the report, will be fixed.