iOS app widget disappeared without refund


Yesterday, I added a Video Stream widget to my project (at 500 energy cost), today it’s gone. I didn’t delete it, nor has my energy been refunded. Anybody hit this bug? App version is 2.23.0 on iOS 11.4.1.

I tried deleting the app and reinstalling, ‘reloading’ the account, and the issue remains.

If the widget disappeared itself, most of all it wasn’t actually installed on server in first place for some reason (networking break, conflict while simultaneously editing project from other phone, inaccurate local energy points record, etc.). Anyway, energy points are calculated on server and should be eventually synced to correct value.
Are you on Blynk Cloud? I’ll look closer to your account If you pm me the credentials for temporally access.

I’m using Blynk Cloud, yes. So I bought more energy, added another Video Stream widget, then magically the original one showed up. I don’t have much time to reproduce, but there’s definitely some sort of UI bug going on.

It is unlikely a UI bug. The server basically stores everything… Widgets, energy, settings… so if there is any communications glitch between your phone and the server when making changes in the App, you can get strange things happening with the synchronization.

I have seen it between my Android App, sitting on my workbench, and my Local Server across the room, just because of WiFi interference.

But it will always straighten out in the end.

It did straighten itself out in the end, but only after I bought more energy. Anyway, I’m cool with contributing financially to this project. I’m just hoping it’s not super buggy.

Hi everybody, i bought a couple of days ago a bunch of widgets (about 2000 if i’m not wrong) and used no more than 15. When i try to add objects i’m told i’m out of energy…i closed down application, rebooted mobile phone (android), etc…etc…same story. Can anyone help ? Thanks. Fausto