iOS app shows offline - shows Photon is online


I have a Photon connected to a 4-way relay operating a garage door opener, reed sensors, DS18B20 to monitor outside temperature. My code is essentially setup like this:

timer.setInterval(1000, sendStatus);                   
timer.setInterval(800, CheckDoorStatus); 
timer.setInterval(60000, TempSensorReading);
timer.setInterval(15000, updateWifi); 
timer.setInterval((24 * 60 * 60 * 1000), UpdateTime); 

void loop() {;;
  • WiFi signal strength is a solid -65dB
  • OneWire (2.0.1) and blynk (0.5.1) Library’s are being used
  • Connected to Apple HomeKit (via Homebridge) to provide Siri support

My Issue
On a regular basis (multiple times per day), the Blynk iOS app shows my Photon as offline, during this time the Photon is still breathing cyan, Siri/HomeKit still operate the garage door and shows the device online (and I can flash it).

What’s the best way to diagnose the Blynk issue? Is there a way I can particle.publish instead of serial print debug code? (as access with a notebook to the Photon location is not easy)

sendStatus() sends four Blynk.virtualWrite’s every second, shouldn’t this keep it alive or could that be a cause?

The reason might be that one of your routines blocks execution for too long and forces blynk library to perform reconnection (or blynk server to drop a connection). Try increasing the BLYNK_HEARTBEAT setting for experiment.

Thanks for suggestion, I’ve added the following and will monitor tomorrow.


(Does it need to be higher? I’ve just doubled what I Googled to be the default!?)