iOS and Android app dashboard trouble

So I have a sudden problem with the iOS app. My web dashboard continues to work fine but the app dashboard is missing data to several widgets. Also when I pull down on the device tile to refresh it then go to the device dashboard there is no data there until the next data update interval from the hardware. Why would the web dashboard work but the app dashboard suddenly stop working correctly?
Now I just noticed when I tried to add a new widget it will not add. And then I just killed the app and restarted and it doubled one of my widgets.
Any ideas what is happening?

Edit 1. Okay I tried from an android phone and when I click on the device tile it says “Error parsing number” and will not open the dashboard at all.

Edit 2. Sent logs.

Hello. Yes, that’s a known issue. It was fixed already. Will be deployed soon.

All these problems are caused by a single known issue??

Another thing that happened is my gauges no longer show the units symbol. i.e. there’s no percent symbol anymore. Can someone confirm if this is also part of the known issue?

Most likely. This error prevents the actual data to load. We plan the deployment tomorrow so we’ll see very soon.

@Eugene FYI.

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Ok thank you for the response. We have this running in testing phase for an agricultural monitoring application and the reliably is a bit concerning. :thinking:

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This may be due to some networking delays happening, especially when moving from editing template back to device dashboard. I plan to add some sort of loading indicator whenever the app gets response from server for too long. But if you run into this often, please send us logs right after (with a note of what to look at).

@parrot should be fixed now. Please check.

Agree. Many new users, new use cases, new, undiscovered bugs. We’re trying to fix asap.

It appears to be working again. Thanks guys.
Also the actual app dashboard is updating properly :+1::+1::+1: