IOS 14 erased settings (and account)

As topic says, I installed IOS14 last night and I just discovered that Blynk app is completely empty, all projects, all energy is gone. The Node-Red nodes I use can still connect so the auth tokens seem valid. The mail address I registered seems to be erased from the Blynk server so I had to register a new one to write this.

Is there any way to restore my projects?

Regards, Göran

There is no connection at all between the email address and password used on this forum and that used within the Blynk app for your Blynk cloud server account.

Did you also create a new account on the cloud server, via the app?

Do you have any emails from the Blynk cloud server which contain your auth codes? If so, you should check the email address used in them.

Also, we’re you using the iOS beta program and TestFlight?

I’m using iOS 14 on an iPhone 11 with the Blynk cloud servers without any issues (except that the TestFlight beet has currently expired, so it’s necessary to use the AppStore version of Blynk).


Thanks Pete for quick response.

I realize that I described my problem poorly. When I start the blynk app the login dialog is presented with the proper mail address loaded. The app does not accept the password which is understandable since if I request a new pw the response is that this mail address does not exist in the database.

Blynk app worked yesterday and has done so without glitches since the first Blynk beta. Last time I had to login to the Blynk app must have been when upgrading to iOS13.

I have not done anything in the app today apart from requesting a new pw.
Have no old mails but as I wrote above the address is already in the app.
Have not been in iOS beta program.
Did an iOS sync and backup before upgrading to iOS14 but am not sure how that will be of use if the mail address is not in the Blynk server.


What do you see when you press this icon…


Server selector in Blynk position. Is Custom a local server? Have never had one so have never clicked that icon until now.
Update: Bam. Works. Suddenly my request for new password was accepted. Weird - if that setting was undefined somehow until i clicked and saw server selector set to Blynk it seems strange that I all day long got the error “email not in database”. Like 30 times…
Anyway - thanks for your support in difficult times! :grinning:

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