Invitation to App Fail

Hi, If i invite a new user to my organisation and then the user downloads the app, follows the “Create Password” link from the email and creates a password on the android app, the “Invitation is cancelled, used or expired” message always appears. I repeated the same test many times with the same results. But when I repeated the same test and created a password on blynk.console using chrome it worked as expected.

Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong? I really need my users to be able to create a password directly on the android app.

Hello. Looks like a bug. Could you please send us Andorid logs right after the failure? It will help to find the root cause very quickly.

Log emailed to Alex and Roman.

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Thanks. checking.


@Chris_G yes, we reproduced it under certain conditions. So mostly likely the next app update will fix it.

As a suggestion, If the current invitation method is problematic maybe use authorization codes instead.

For example:

  1. Organization creates authorization codes for invites.
  2. Code is sent with invitation email.
  3. User enters code then creates password in the app.

This method could be useful for offline invitations too.

It’s not. It’s just a bug due to a distributed architecture. It is already fixed and will be released soon.

The new build with a fix to this issue is uploaded to Play Store - soon it should be available to update.