Invisible device in the cloud

I can’t connect the device to see it in the Cloud. It appears in the mobile application, I even have an exhausted limit for adding a device, but I am not able to see it. Where is problem? I have now two devices but i can see only one of them. I try: log out, remove device. I can’t upload more than one photo, so…

@Radek why do you think you have 2 devices? On mobile you probably have template view, not device view?

Here, if I understand correctly, I have one device for each tempate. But in devices i cant see that. In app i can control booth devices in device tab.

In app.

When i remove device in app, i see it in tempate and device bar on upper photo on cloud.

Bug confirmed. Working on a fix.

@Radek the issue is fixed. Sorry for inconveninces.

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Perfect, working. Thanks!