Inventer app

Can someone post an example,how to use the inventor widget .
What I need is to switch pin 5 on for 1 hour AM and 3 hours pm. each day, the example shown are very complicated for such a simple task, I am using the timer wiget but i can only set once per day.
The board is wemos my project works this is an addition for my central heating control.
THANKS in advance, will it ever be possible to have the blynk dashboard in the panoramic view,could the layout be setup in that view.

Was this a typo or is there a widget i dont know about?

ps: for the dashboard you are looking for, you can vote on the roadmap if you like, here.

The “Eventor” should be fairly straightforward to use. Figure out your “events” in the order you want, and put the blocks together.

Simply do something like this… only with your desired times and pins.