Introducing Blynk’s new pricing plans!

Dear Blynkers,

We are excited to announce that today (June 28th) at 6pm EST, Blynk’s new pricing plans will become available for sign up in Blynk.Console and soon also in the mobile apps.

Building connected products with world-class IoT software has never been so affordable.

Every plan, including the Free one, will give you access to our 4 core products: Blynk.Apps. Blynk.Console (our new powerful web dashboard), Blynk.Cloud and Blynk.Edgent.

Check out an overview of the new plans and pick the one best fits your business or project: Introducing Blynk’s new pricing plans | Blynk IoT Blog

So, I can’t have more widget as in the old app without subscribing to a monthly subscription ? It’s a shame :frowning:

0H00 in France , I 'll go to sleep at 0H30 to eat the cake with @Gunner :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: