Internet Packet Size?

I have a remote project that will be using a SIM card internet connection. It is very simple - I am controlling a couple of outputs of an ESP32 and monitoring battery voltage via one ADC channel. The outputs are simple buttons and the latter uses a Value Display function.
It updates (PUSH) every second.
How much data will flow in either direction every update.
I need to know how much monthly data I should buy.
31 days x 24hrs x 3600secs ~ 2.7MB per byte sent/received.
You can see the problem - if its 100B/sec, that amounts to 270MB.
If it’s a 1000, 2.7GB…

It’s not just about these packets, but the ping and heartbeat packets.
There has been some discussion in the past, but a couple of months ago someone (a Russian guy I think) did quite a bit of testing of tweaking these settings and sharing his findings.


Thanks Pete. I kind of assumed the heartbeat and ping packets were integral to the wifi network, and didn’t need any internet involvement. Certainly true of the wifi cameras that are already on this system. There is no (measurable) internet data usage until I log on to view remotely.
I will experiment with the PULL mode to see if that only sends data when I log on remotely.
I can’t think of a way of measuring the data throughput.
I’ve done a search of the forum to see if I can find anything like your Russian(?) guy, but no luck.

I think this is the topic I was thinking of…

Deeply or Google Translate are handy if your Russian is a little rusty :grinning:


That link was really helpful Pete. I understand it much better.
For anyone picking up on this, from the various postings on the subject, the overhead appears to be ~420kB/day with a heatbeat of 10sec (default).

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