Interfacing esp8266 with blynk using wireless sensor

I am working with ESP8266 and wireless temperature and humidity for evaluating machine temperature and humidity. As I am a noob here. Can you suggest to me how to send multiple data using esp8266 to blynk and create an event? I want to analyze the different temperature and humidity values.

Please explain. Do you have a couple of sensors with humidity and temp. Which sensor? Or just 1 DHT sensor with temp and humidity.

I’d suggest that you take a look at this:

It’s a sensor by the same company, and the solution is likely to be similar.


I assume you have a 868MHz receiver connected to your NodeMCU ?

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It’s interesting that three new forum members have recently asked about how to use Blynk with these long range industrial sensors in the past 10 days.
The transmitter and receiver pair cost between $320 and $360, and in each case the new forum members say they know very little about Arduino, Blynk, C++ etc.
Two of these new members shared the same IP address, so are presumably doing some sort of college course that includes an industrial monitoring module. I suspect the same is true for this user.

This ruggedised kit does look very good, except for the Zigbee protocol, but is hardly the sort of device that you’d pick-up for your first project. It beats starting off with a DHT11 I guess :grinning:

Personally, I’m all for helping forum members that have done their own tinkering and hit a brick wall, but the steady stream of “help me with my assignment because I don’t to do any work on it myself” users quite annoying.

@lion43 if you want to use this sensor is for a genuine industrial application then head over to and discuss your requirements with the team over there and they’ll be glad to give you a quote.
If it is, as I suspect, a college assignment then roll your sleeves up, do some work and come back here with what you’ve done so far and a detailed description of the problems that you’ve encountered.



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