Interactive map of Blynk Community


Hi all,

Just finished this visualization of… you, dear members of Blynk community forum! :wink:

Here it is:
There are a LOT of us! :slight_smile:

P.S. the actual link is temporary, so if you want to share it, please use this short link:
Note, it does not contain any personal data, and locations are based on GeoIP, so they are very approximate.

Thank you for being with us!


It’s nice to see Blynkers everywhere. :slight_smile:
What about local server guys? We are not included, are we?


The data is based on Community Forum.
There are much more Blynkers actually!


It updates itself? Just refined my position :stuck_out_tongue: Will see… Overall - nice!

Oh, now I’ve read the IP based location… Not the profile info…


No. We don’t have such info. That’s the point of “private” server :slight_smile:.


Here’s a mystery for you, location in Potwin (Wichita suburb) Kansas:

Do a Google search of that address: “8692 NW 120th St” All sorts of strange things!


It’s just clustering because of GeoIP


Darn… I was hoping for some kind of conspiracy!


The source code is here, for those interested:


Just updated the map data!
Glad to see so many people here :wink: