Integrating Blynk to IFTTT or Sonoff/ewelink


I have made a project with WeMos D1 that controls my rainwater recycling system. Works fine and I use the Blynk app to notify me of tank levels etc. But I also want the Blynk app to control a 4ch Sonoff switch that works with the eWelink app. Can I pass a command to either the Sonos device /eWelink App / or IFTTT in order that the Sonoff will respond to the blynk/ WeMos set up without reflashing the Sonoff box itself?

Any ideas or solutions??

Have you tried blynk API ?

I did take a look at the eWeLink plug-in for Node-Red at one point, but I couldn’t get it to work for me.
Also, because I wanted my devices to continue to be able to be controlled if the internet went down, and in addition to not be reliant on a server in China, I decided to flash my Sonoff devices with my own MQTT code.

I did try flashing with Tasmota as an option, but didn’t like that, so now run 100% custom code on my Sonoffs and similar type of devices.
I don’t run any Blynk code on these, just MQTT, and use Node-Red as the bridge to Blynk.