Int to float number


Is there posibillity to show temperature values in mobile app (free version) with decimal number. With old version there was no problem with this issue.


with decimal number

Like 0,01 °C and 273,15 °К ? Did you mean it?

How did you configure the datastream?
Posting a screenshot might help.

I use the same code as with old blynk version but in new version i don’t found an option to define number of decimals. Was maybe this option disabled with new free version?

In the web console, look at the Template > Datastream screen.

If you choose a data type of “Double” then you can define how many decimal places you want Blynk to use…


Oh, I found it, thank you Pete! What about historical graph? Is only in paid version possible?

What do you mean by “historical graph?”


Graph like botom one in old version

You mean Superchart.
The Superchart widget is available to the free subscription, but you can only add one datastream to it. You only have one datastream in your screenshot, so that shouldn’t be a problem.