INSTRUCTABLE: The easiest way to get a Blynk wifi project started for $4,00 in 5 minutes!

Hey fellow Blynkers!

After messing around for a few months with blynk I believe I have figured out what I believe is the easiest, cheapest and fastest way to start a blynk wifi project. You will find everything you need in this super noob friendly instructable:

Any feedback is more than welcome! I made this out of love for the blynk community and becuase I myself struggled for months to figure out an idiot proof way to get my projects online with Blynk. I tried shields, esp8266’s and all sorts of things with very poor results. I am glad that today I can share a more fool proof way with you all!

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Hm… Nice and cheap chip. Thanks for sharing! I created related ticket for @vshymanskyy to add it.

Thanks for the great tutorial! So greatly written.
You should do more of these - you definitely have a talent for it! :dizzy:

@Pavel @Dmitriy

Your kind feedback made my day!
I am not entirely sure what you meant @Dmitriy but if you help fellow Blynkers and future blynkers find this tutorial, I am sure it would make Blynk a lot more accessible for people!

I see so many people (inc. myself not so long ago) struggling with real expensive original / retail arduino boards and shields that are bulky and outdated. Then often get frustrated on blynk and arduino forums that they dont even work properly… People just need to see how easy and , fast and inexpensive it can be to make an electronics product with matching app for the community to grow!

PS: if you do add the wemos boards to the app as oficially supported, please note that the pins are layed out different than on the esp8266 (GPO14 is pin 13 on the board for example).

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