Instructable on Blynk for home automation

Hey guys and mostly blynk mods,

I am writing an instructable to get people to start with simple home automation using an esp8266, relay and ac to dc converter. I explain the easiest way to do everything in great detail.

Therefore I encourage my readers to use blynk to make the app for controling everything. I tell them to use three or more button widgets, the notification widget, terminal widget and the history graph. Will they have enough basic credit to do this when signing up?

Is there any way I can provide a link that might get my readers that little extra to get into their first blynk project?

The title of my instructable is “Intro to IOT: how to hack your hot girlfriend’s nightlight with your smartphone (blynk) and arduino / wemos / esp8622”. and will be posted tomorrow. My previous instructable on Blynk ( allready has 11000 views, the goal with this one is to surpass that by far.

Any help from the blynk team and community to reach as many people as possible would be greatly appreciated :wink:

@ectoplasma do you mean a link from Instructable to Blynk or Blynk to Instructable?

Looks like you already have external links in your previous Instructable so I guess you must mean Blynk to Instructable.

Just adding the url in your post should work e.g. for your last Instructable

Not sure why the link didn’t appear in your last post.

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What I am looking for is a link to blynk with a promo code so that my readers could get some free energy points on sign upto make their first project and get hooked on blynk. I want them to make the project I designed but I am afraid they will not have enough free energy points on sign up.

In return i ll spread the word on blynk like crazy :slight_smile:

I have not published my instructable yet, I want to make sure my readers can actually make the project first. Ergo, they have enough energy points for the widgets I recommend.

How much Energy does your project use?

We have almost finished one that stays under the 2000 units provided free to all Blynkers.

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my instructable is about making simple and inexpensive home automation. The basic panel takes 1800 energy points, but then my readers can only attach one or two devices. (not even one room) If they had 2600 they could incorporate a few more push buttons making blynk a much more obvious choice for them. They could then expand later on by buying more energy points for different rooms in their house.

So I guess what I am asking is a temporary sign up link for my readers to give them 600 additional free energy points if they sign up in the next month. I really think I can reach thousands with this new article :slight_smile:

Here it is:

If any mods could contact me personally id be grateful :wink:


Nice tutorial! We’d be happy to recharge your :battery:battery ) to express our thank you :pray: for spreading the word. Please PM me with your Blynk account details.

We currently don’t have a way of giving away energy publicly, but it looks like your project can fit into initial 2000 Energy. Maybe reduce the number of buttons? One would be enough for example.