Installing local blynk server on Windows


I’m really trying to install a local blynk server on windows, I read all your instructions in here and github, but i can’t succed installing it. Then I watched some old youtube videos trying to learn, but there was older versions. I do not hae skills with Java and I think your instructions are a little dificult for beginners. Now I’m struggling with versions of Java I think, but there are so many softwares that i need to install and I really don’t know if all softwares are compatible. If you have a step-by-step in some link it would be really helpfull.

Hi welcome to blynk forum. Which java version is installed on your windows? If you installed the java 8 you must download the blynk server java 8 version.

It used to be marked that Server was for advanced users.

These are the official directions… It does assume you have some basic knowledge about command line use.

Ok. Really it’s not for beginners. It’s installed, but with this message:

C:\Users\David Zanghelini\Documents\Blynk Server>java -jar server-0.41.5.jar -dataFolder /blynk server
Server ports are busy. Most probably server already launched. See C:\Users\David Zanghelini\Documents\Blynk Server.\logs for more info.

So… check if it is or not…

First of all ,never use words with space in it while locating path of something ,use underscore or hyphen or
Use quotes to cover whole path or word with space.
Check task manager ,if other session of server already running or check firewall ports ,if occupied by other app or blocked