Install upgrade for Local BLYNK server (docker)

I run my own BLYNK server from the DOCKER image on the Synology NAS. Is there any easy way to a version upgrade without losing the account and project data? Can you add options in the admin panel to download and install an upgrade from github? Or to export / import server data?

I don’t know much about the Synology Docker method, but I think it is just a virtualized Linux environment for Java and Blynk to run in, so updating Local Server should be easy and shouldn’t lose any data…

Look for: Update instruction for unix-like systems in these instructions.

But if you really need to backup all your projects and such, they are stored in the Data folder within the Blynk folder. Just copy that folder somewhere it and replace it, if needed, in the updated install.

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Its working all ok. Thx
btw. (export /import data) function would be useful

Im currently writing a Synology Docker tutorial.

You should use my Blynk server docker image. Its updated usually right away to the latest server version.

In docker gui, just search for Blynk and find my name next to it and hit download.

I can help you set it up etc including making your data protected during upgrades.

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I’ve changed my BLYNK server in Synology to your latest image version
but its ver 0.24.5? in setup docker shows ver 0.24.3

and in “single_token_mail_body.txt” I read
Latest Blynk library ->
Latest Blynk server ->

good job thx

Latest version now is 0.24.6 :).

Looks like I’ll update to that today :slight_smile:

Updated the image to 0.24.6.

You just need to delete your current docker image, and re-download it via the repo page.
Just open all the ports with the same internal port numbers and link back to your data folder.

Because your data is stored in the local volume it is safe.

the same
i removed all and install new
problem in “latest”?

Hmm looks like you have the old image still hanging around. Be sure to remove all traces of the old server from Docker before downloading the new one.

You can see that 8 hours ago the docker image was updated to 0.24.6. Here is the log.

You are right :slight_smile:
Need to clean everything also from the cache

after this all is ok

Thank you very much for your help

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pls implement export / import user data button in Blink administration panel
thank you from the mountain :slight_smile:

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