Inspiration and project ideas

Here I collected a small list of Blynk project collections:

And of course, Projects made with Blynk category of this forum.
Please comment if you know any other good project collections, blogs, etc.

BTW, if you make something cool - please drop us a note, we’re happy to share it with our community. :wink:
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Here is my website than I use in my classes of IoT with blynk. Is in Catalan language.



I’ve been teaching programming and wireless interfacing (Wi-Fi & BLTE) using Blynk,
and the feedback has been very positive. People love being able to quickly generate a
nice user interface (GUI) and get to working directly on their application.

These projects come with a deck of presenters slides for training -

Arduino101 Bluetooth Interfacing with Blynk

Arduino101 Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) with Blynk

ESP32 Wi-Fi Interfacing with Blynk

Tom Moxon


@PatternAgents, @jnogues Thanks!
Here i briefly described Blynk usage for education and events: