Input widget

Hello, my idea for widget is like said on the title, “input widget”. It could be used to for example change the variables more precise that slider, or it could be used to send commands like “go forward” or “turn right” to arduino. Thanks for your attention. :smile:

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Terminal widget?

I don’t know, its too big, at least for me. :smile:

So size it down :wink:

How about making the value widget accept a Long Press then it turns into an input widget that sends the value back once entered. Extremely useful for the app I am currently working on with a lot of virtual pins. It would work as normal until Long Press, and take no more room at all.

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We have in development input field widget, but it is still in progress. @chernega I’m sure we would not change the value display into the input widget, input one should be a separate widget.

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Yes, I need exactly the widget like the value widget with input. Hope @Dmitriy think about this idea.
Example, I want to show the name of device and I want to change this, is there a simpler way than the idea from @Netro? It’s not really necessary to use the terminal.