Infrared replicator

blynk interface coming…


@gusgonnet very nice write up, 9/10. Would have given it 10/10 if you had chosen an ESP instead of a Photon.

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11/10 for Arduino with ESP shield :wink:


think your keyboard is sticking @Gunner, 1/10, right?


:point_up: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

No likes there


@Fettkeewl Arduino leonardo with ESP32 as shield… don’t make me do it! :stuck_out_tongue:

@gusgonnet Can you post some info and details here in the forum so that casual lookers can view and search relevant parts without needing external links? Thanks.

Wouldn’t surprise me if you made an i2c combo with attiny85 and arduino, having your main program on the attiny, communicating with the arduino which in turn uses an esp as a shield… :stuck_out_tongue: just for the lolz

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hehehe, thanks, I’m ok with 9/10 since I have no ESPs around…

@gusgonnet maybe it is a challenge ? :smiley:

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For you? Please go ahead, I wonder how many changes one would need to do to the code to make it run in an ESP. :wink:

For me? I guess I’ll get to ESPs (especially ESP32s) when they can be connected to the Particle cloud:

I agree with that :smiley:

Sensible move by Particle to move over to ESP’s as there are 100 million of them already out there.

Signed a new contract on Saturday or I might have considered the rumoured $100K position myself. As long as I get to work from home and can change the job spec to simply project building with Blynk.


nice :slight_smile: