Information/tutorial on 'Device Tiles' Widget R

I’ve currently have a working blynk app (woot) but its one big mess of values, buttons and leds my wife said ‘it looks like cockpit’ of an airplane’.
To give an idea:
Value widgets: current temp, target temp, humidity
Step H widget: target temp
LED widgets: HeatOn, Maintenance, relayAlive, thermostatAlive, thermostError
So 9 widgets in total… x 7 !!! As I have 7 zones to track.

So I’m looking for a more clean solution and was thinking of the device tiles widget , but I really can’t make heads nor tail of it, nor can I find any example, tutorial either written or video.

Question thus is: where can I find more information on how to setup and use this widget?

Screenshot (does anyone know how to get this smaller??)

Yes, sounds like Device Tiles is a right widget for you. We’ll be working on documentation yet.

Do you know whether there’s currently anything out there? Perhaps even an example. (which usually work best) which I can load up in blynk to check?

edit: and how can you make screenshots appear smaller here on the forum?

For whatever reason, this is due to how this forum views “skinny” phone imagery with 2:1 ratio… My phone does it also, unless I take pictures in landscape, then it shows the whole thing.

The whole image is there, one just has to click on it to see it.

yeah I know, its just SCREAMING in the post, would have preferred it a bit smaller, but don’t know how (unless I physically resize it).