Info: Problems with disconnect ESP32 DevKit V4

I have a local server running on raspi zero w. All my sensor data is collected through an ESP32 that communicate via wifi to the local server.

This week i upgraded the esp32 DevKit v1 that a bought from chinese seller to an espressif esp32 devkit v4. I bought two different esp32 DevKit v4 from different sellers on amazon Germany.

The boards are looking really good and they match the espressif documents.

Now its getting strange. I have random disconnects with both boards. The debug gives a cmd error but its not related to a specific pin. It is random.

So i switched back to the devKit V1 from chinese seller and everything works fine without delay or disconnects with the same code.

This problem must be related to the differences in the hardware. Do you have any ideas what it could be?

Was the code that is running on the V1 board compiled and uploaded recently, or is it code from a while ago?

I ask because other things such as ESP32 core and libraries may have been updates since.

Also, do you choose the same board type when compiling for the two versions?


Hello Pete,

the uploaded and compiled code was exactly the same for both boards. The choosen board type in both cases was ESP Dev Module.