Increase Datastream Limit

I have the Blynk Plus plan with 20 devices for $12.99/mo. I just hit my limit of 80 datastreams for a template that I am using. I need to add a few more and can’t put them in a separate device because then it wouldn’t be in the same template on the app. I’m already paying the extra $6 for 20 devices instead of 10, but can’t justify paying $50/mo for more datastreams.

Is there anyway I could purchase additional datastreams for a device? Or could the datastream limit be increased for the $12.99/mo plan? Or, is there any way to integrate another template’s datastream into the current template without utilizing an additional datastream of the current template (How you could select the device in the legacy Blynk)?

Another option I can think of that would be a work around would be to utilize a button as a link between multiple templates on the app. Similar to how the pages work. This could allow seamless integration between multiple templates/devices and would be very helpful.

Hello, I think not, everything is according to the documentation Limits - Blynk Documentation

Maybe you could suggest this feature to the Blynk developers - I think this feature would be very helpful to the many users who have expressed their dissatisfaction with the increased limitations of Blynk 2.0 when compared to Blynk Legacy, especially in regard to using multiple devices in one template. This would still respect the limits established under your plans, but would allow multiple templates to feel like a single one with multiple pages.

@BlynkAndroidDev - Is this something that is possible and been considered?