Inconsistencies in Console when copying template

After duplicating a tamplate the template ID is listed wrong or inconsitent in the new template.

FIRMWARE CONFIGURATION shows the old template ID while the property in the “TEMPLATE ID” shows another identifier.

Text below FIRMWARE CONFIGURATION states Device Name and the #define shows BLYNK_TEMPLATE_NAME (I recall something about device name being obsolete and replaced by template name.

Issue appeared after duplacting a template In the end I still have two devices in the old template and none in the new. Would be nice is Admin could rename:
Developing the “next version” of a template with connected devices. Want to make changes without messing up web dashboard or app for existing users of the original template.
Hope somebody can fix this or has a workaround…

I think the TEMPLATE ID shown on the bottom left is what’s being reported to Blynk by the device.
I’m unclear about the steps that you’ve taken to achieve the results that show 8n your screenshot, maybe you can detail these steps?

I think that devices are permanently linked to a specific template, but I might be wrong about that.


Hi Pete,

The link seems to be strong but in the end it appeared that a device can be removed.

My steps started with going into the Template screen and then used the duplicate option from the … menu (upper right corner left to Edit). I assumed this would generate a new tamplate ID and that appeared to be true partially. The #define BLYNK_TEMPLATE_ID showed something different than the device info that was shown.
I ended up with the same device listed as online in two templates…

Am I correct to assume that in Device info the TEMPLATE ID shown in left column and in FIRMWARE CONFIGURATION should alway be the same? If so then there is a bug when using the duplicate function.

The other question is still unanswered: Under FIRMWARE CONFIGURATION it says “Device Name” en in the code it says TEMPLATE_NAME. Can you clarify that?

Thanks GWS

Hi @GWScheppink,

This error occurs when you use the wrong pair of template ID and authtoken in the sketch (a authtoken token created under one template and an template ID of another template). You need to reflash the device with the correct data. The mistake in the firmware configuration description will be corrected.

Dmitriy from Blynk

Hello Dimitry,

I know what was wrong and I corrected it myself. The issue is that the Blynk console displayes the wrong combination. One part of the scren shows the new one and the other (the code you are invited to copy) is displaying the old ID and that is where things go wrong.

I redid the procedure once more last week and knowing what to prevent I changed the code correctly and that worked straight away on the new template and device I linked to it. But than we found that the old device was having issues. Not all data was sent correctly after I brought the new one online. After a reboot of the old device all now works well.

This all happens because I am trying to use an continuous improvement cycle creating new versions of the firmware that are better or extended. Do you have any documentation about the intended cycle (process) one should use without redoing design of web dashboards and/or apps all the time.

I really would like the option to clone a complete setup to a new version develop it until OK and than release the firmware with the dashboard and app in one cycle.

Thanks for your response. Keep up the good work because Blynk does rock!