Inability to send arbitrary info is VERY limiting

I’ve just realised how bad it is not being able to send arbitrary information.

Because the ZERGBA was sending out way too much information, I decided a better way would be to have some buttons with preset RGB colours. This would be sent much as the ZERGBA - ie an array of 3 values for each button press - except that you can’t - you can only send one or zero. There is no way to have a sizeable array of buttons to chose preselected LED colours other than using up all your virtual buttons. This is very limiting.

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Limitation is not a bug.

This might be a great idea for some sort of a very specific Button Widget. I’m worried that this is a very narrow use-case. We will discuss it internally.

Regarding the number of Virtual Pins. Yes, they are limited, because Blynk is designed to work with microcomputers that have lots of limitations. If we extend the number of V pins, it may cause memory issues. But we will review what can be done for setups where those limitations are not applied.

@vshymanskyy, what can we do in terms of extending the number of Virtual Pins?

In the App, we could add more virtual pins.
However, virtual pins take resources (as they should), so it’s not very optimal to extend pin count on Arduino-like platforms.

In JS library, you can use as many as you want.

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I have to agree with scargill on this limitation… the ability to send an array from a button would be a nice feature.

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Just want to pipe in on this again. A button with ability to send an array would open many doors. What I have in mind would be on the order of a “packet”- maybe 4 integers, the 1st calling some function, the next 3 its parameters. This way, routines could be written in the arduino to easily control many devices- the biggest benefit being you would not have to change the arduino code every time you make a change in parameters (like with the virtual pins method)
Thanks and keep up the great work!

Guys, this functionality will be implemented as a separate widget!
Note that you can vote for the widgets! :slight_smile:

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