In app Blynk button to initiate BLE app connection instead BLE widget


Anybody would have an idea whether it would be possible to use in app Blynk styled button to initiate BLE connection instead using BLE widget?

Kind of ON/OFF button. Thanks.

Nope… the BLE Widget is required to do it’s own ON/OFF thing (and thus in a sense IS its own button).
That’s the way they designed it and that’s the way we must use it.

Well yes. I can understand that. Let me explain what I try to achieve.

Currently when adding BLE widget I must stop the app by stop button, connect to device and run app by hitting Play.

However, in play mode the BLE button is no longer usable, it is just highlighted when connected. I wanted to be able to connect/disconnect in play mode already. Would this be somehow possible?

I suppose we can allow opening BLE settings in the play mode. Will it suit the need?

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Perfectly, how to achieve it?

P.S. For future consider ability of linking buttons to the BLE/BT widgets, so we can design kind of “GO” buttons which would make the app look nicer and more friendly to users liking straight solutions, however I realize this is not quick to do. Your offer of enabling BLE settings in play mode is pretty fair in this situation.

I’ve uploaded a new beta build with this option.

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