In 5 minutes running my first app? Well where do I get the auth token

Your main-page claims that I have my first App up and running in 5 minutes.

But the webpages does not explain where to get the auth-token.
It says
I looked up the App but could not find any kind of option that would give me an auth-token.
You have hidden away this option very good or the description does no longer fit

You should not disappoint potential customers within the first 15 minutes o ftrying your service

So from where do I get the auth-token?
Do I have to fall back into the 1980s where tinkering around by guessings was the standard-way of learning?

best regards Stefan

To get the auth token, go to the console ( devices/device info tab.

Hi John,
thank you for answering so quick.
I clicked around your website but I’m comletely lost even to find the website that your screenshot shows
To me it seems that there are a minimum of three different blynk websites

  1. general information
  2. blink developper
  3. blink console

Do you have a screenshot for screenshot pictured manual that shows each and every step of the process or can you provide a link that guides directly to that website your screenshot is hsowing?

best regards Stefan

When I go to the magnifier I see this

there is no mydevices

where can I find a democode that has all lines of code to make a demo run?
It is a very common sense that to libraries there are some examples that show some real action that goes beyond
the example-code of the IDE which has only

void loop() {;

Aha and function run() reads my mind
“do blink the onboard LED?”

Reading the documentation will be a good start

It’s well written and quite helpful.

So I went through your documentation until

Open Blynk App sound like open the App on my android smartphone but it seems not
The link behind the word “Blynk App” is pointing to the docs

So where do I find the “Blynk App”??

You should read this…

Like most libraries, when you install the library you also install the example sketches, so in the IDE going to Examples > Blynk will give you examples for a wide variety of different boards and connection types.

It’s the Blynk IoT app on your phone.

I think you’ve skipped over a few of the key steps somehow. Did you start by creating your account at ?


not sure didn’t thought that there is another website called

The demo-code uses a virtual LED named “V1” so I tried to find where to adjust the virtual LED of the smartphone template from “V0” to “V1” but I was unable to find this.

So I did it the opposite I changed the name inside the ESP32-arduino code from “V1” to “V0”

Now in this smartphone-template the LED is blinking.
But still where can I adjust the LED-Number inside the smartphone template “MyFirstTemplate”?

Is it possible to adjust this inside the smartphone App?
Or do I have to use a browser logged in to which of your multiple websites?

You seem to think that “we” are Blynk staff. This is a community forum, so we are Blynk users (although some Blynk staff do visit fairly frequently).

Most operations are best done via the web console (

Data streams are edited via the template screen, and once you’ve either attached the existing datastream to a different virtual pin, or cloned the existing datastream and assigned it to V1, it will be available to select within the widget in the mobile app dashboard.


@StefanL38 Sorry for any confusion. This should be a very detailed explanation on how to get started.

Particularly there you will find links to the apps

Could you please explain what was your starting point so that we can optimize this information for others?

I checked: - our main website → developersgetting started leads you to the same page I posted above

Same link is here on the forum:

Based on the screenshot you posted - you are using some outdated website which is no longer online. How did you get there?

I posted the links to get there already

I can’t remember the exact way how I got to

If the Blynk-Staff do a fulltext search inside the html-code / PHP or whatever else is used to create the website with the link the Blynk-Staff should be able to find the link

I was able to reproduce the clickway
I started at bottom of the site has

Link is
leads to this page
I clicked on the text in the red frame

which leads to here

and scrolled down to 5.

Take a look into the tutorials of Random Nerd Tutorials. In short “RNT”

RNT has a genius way of showing the steps to do.
RNT focuses on the nescessary steps with screenshots.

There is ONE site that you scroll down. Only in case you need more basic information of a prequisite step there is a link which is clearly titled in this way

further down you find a functional code

And a paragraph about how to setup “personal data”

The basic principle is
Follow these steps shown in screenshots to get a demo-code up and running.

A predefined demo-code that cares about ALL DETAILS except
SSID, password, authentification

Copy & paste into IDE change SSID, password and authentification and the thing runs.

The way it is explained in what I found as documenation does


present a predefined demo-code

Of course BLYNK is across a lot of platforms / microcontrollers.
So setup such a tutorial for each and every type that blynk supports
and add a pre-selection that is DAU-tested. (DAU dumbest assumed user)

= put your grandma in front of the screen and let her try

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Thanks for your feedback