Improved device provisioning coming soon!

Hey Blynkers!
Exciting news! We will be rolling out new tools for improved device provisioning through Blynk.App (iOS/Android).

The functionality that’s in development will combine BLE-assisted and Wifi AP-based provisioning, providing more connectivity options for seamless device activation. Blynk.App will automatically select the best connection option, improving device activation reliability for a hassle-free experience.

What is changing now?
You may notice a new Bluetooth permission in the mobile app during device activation - this is a new technical requirement aligned with the upcoming rollout of BLE-assisted WiFi provisioning.

When and how this new functionality can be accessed?
Please stay tuned for more information on which hardware setup will support this new functionality and all of the corresponding documentation. The details will be shared during he official launch in the upcoming months.


Hi - did anything ever happen with this? BLE assisted WIFi?