Impossible to delete or rename tabs on Blynk

Hi, I currently have 2 actives tabs on my blynk project. I can’t rename or delete them because Tabs icon on widget menu in grey. Someone know how to manage it?
I also can delete both tabs if necessary

Thank you

The tabs icon in the widget box is greyed-out because you already have tabs in use in your project. You can only use tabs once in a project.

There appears to be an issue with being able to edit tabs, see this:


Thank you Pete.
So to edit tab, the only way is to cancel the project and built a new one?
I generated a sharing code for this project, I will lose it!

I tried and it works, sorry.
I swiped to left on Play mode and it works.
Thank you!

I think it depends which version of the android app you’re using. In the latest release it seems that you can edit the tabs when in Play mode. In the latest beta I can’t find a way to edit tabs, but I think that will be fixed soon.

If you have access to an iOS device then you can edit tabs, plus you can re-order them - which you can’t do in Android.



We already uploaded a fix for this bug - it should be available to update soon