Important notice by Blynk!

Hey Blynkers! We are making some changes to the Blynk Cloud. Please update to the newest app version to ensure everything works properly.


@MariiaDrozhak Does it affect (directly/indirectly) a local server whether it has the latest version or not? Thanks

You should always keep the local server version, app version and library version in sync.

Th easiest way to achieve this is to run the latest stable (non Beta) releases of each.


I know, but because the future of Blynk 1.0 is uncertain…

I don’t understand how that would affect anything. The new version of Blynk will have a new app, and local server won’t be supported initially (if ever).
Presumably there will also be a new library, so the message is the same - keep your Blynk 1.0 local server, app and libraries up to date.


Well, if 2.0 overrides 1.0 then, all actual projects will halt unless, 2.0 is down compatible.

The two will be totally separate, as far as I can tell at this stage.


Did you change anything else in the last days? Today I received my new phone (Fairphone 3+) but I am unable to login using LTE/4G. “Couldn’t connect to the server. Check your internet connection and try again”. But my internet is working fine. All the other apps/websites are working. If I switch to wifi the app works just fine. On my old phone and on my Iphone the blynk apps works fine using LTE/4g (same provider).

I tried reinstalling the app but no difference.

App Version 2.27.28
Android 10.

It had something to do with some default IPV6 settings. I changed it to only use IPV4. Working again.