[IMPLEMENTED] Timer input widget

Hi all,

Something occurred to me recently while I was considering a new project - could we get a widget which allows the user to set a time in the app, using the same selection interface that is used when creating the app? Using the Timer widget allows the creator to set one timer but then that’s fixed.

This might be useful for a central heating controller, automatic nightlight/security light, alarm clock etc.

Is this possible with some combination of widgets already in Blynk?


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You can use Menu widget combined with sliders thats what I do for example and it works quite well

Did you mean that you have used sliders and menu to approximate what the Timer widget does, or that you have figured out a way to program the Timer widget at runtime with the slider/menu ? I’d love to be able to use the elegant-looking Timer widget instead of my rather crude “home made” timers which I cobble together with a number of other widgets, including labeled value display, sliders, and menus. Wastes a lot of space this way and is confusing for users. Add my vote for a runtime-adjustable Timer widget.

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I’m using Sliders and menu to program timer. I don’t use timer widget I have my own solution that is using RTC and compares some programmed values to current time and executes actions appropriately. As you can see I’m using LCD widget to display stuff based on menu selection. I might publish this project maybe sometime later.

@snowman done. Please check latest Android release.

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Awesome! Nice one, looks perfect.

Any news or estimate for IoS app that will contain timer input? Thanks!

Only @Pavel knows.