[IMPLEMENTED] Formated (time) input

Hi, i need an app that will start a timer at a set time, so I need an input box that can be set and formatted correctly like 12:59, is there a simple way to do it? I have seen some doing do with 2 sliders for HH:MM, but this is not very nice nor easy to use TMHO.


Hello. Nothing like that at the moment. However as workaround you may use terminal widget.

Could you not use the Timer Widget to trigger the timer?

If I understand Johanan’s question, he’d like to set a timer at runtime, not development time. This has been a key request of mine as well. Terminal is a workaround, but a Timer Widget that is user-adjustable would be terrific for usability.

I think many users would like that. May I suggest a formatted input box, which will have a format property. I am using (in other projects) a simple digit to format value. up to 7 it is the decimal point, 8 means time format. So if the DP = 2 a value is displayed as 1.23, if dp = 4 then display is 11.2345 if DP = 8 value is display as 23:59( usually the time is displayed also as BCD, that is 0x2359 shows as 23:59 )


@johanan please check latest Android release. Widget implemented there.

Cool. I need to reprogram the project I am working on…
Next give us a value input with N digits…