Imitates joystick widget for custom blynk app

Hello, due to blynk-app isn’t support landscape mode and joystick widget drag area is too small for me, I want to create custom control-app which also replace onscreen joystick to real device game controller.

But before I start, I need to know how joystick widget in official blynk-apps sending data to central server (which is “write event”). There’s rest api but as far as I know http request isn’t fast enough for realtime data exchange for joystick input purpose, is blynk-app’s joystick widget really working with http resfull api? If not, what is it and can I as community people implements those thing?

The Blynk communication protocol is described here:

but you may find that it’s still fast enough for what you want, as Blynk is primarily an IoT system, not a gaming platform.


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Ah yes you right, so what I got it from git explanation is devices(raspberry pi or arduino) and server keeps socket connection alive to route message from server to devices and vise versa. There’s also had websocket too.
My idea is create remote control toys and with blynk make my research easier. however I have anxiety with input lag so I need to confirm this.