IFTTT problem

I want to know if IFTTT can be used to trigger a recipe2 if recipe1 is triggered.

I want to use a motion sensor that senses my presence in my room at all time. IF i get a call on my phone and i am in the room then i want the Tv to go mute. I have built the hardware i just don’t know how to use these both conditions together.

You can do “If I get call” then “send command to Hardware” and on hardware check - if you are in room and if so - mute TV. But here is a small problem - IFTTT has big delays. So it won’t work as you expect in any case.

Delay like? Worst case scenario is 50 sec right?

any alternatives?

For me it could be 5-10 minutes.

That will create a problem. Do you know of any alternatives ?

I’m not aware of such.

Okay.Thanks a lot :smile: