Ideas for Slider (Toggle/Rocker) Switch

I would like to be able to use a simple slider switch like the widgets have in their setup
eg ‘send values on release only OFF / ON’
eg ‘Mode PUSH / SWITCH’

You can simulate this with a slider with values 0 and 1 but its not really boolean and you cant lable it so clearly.
I have trouble with the standard buttons because I get confused if that is what the setting currently is
or that is what will occur if I press the button. Like the dvd buttons for pause / play - its always what will happen next

Anyway the oval slider is much clearer in my opinion - and it is already used in the app.



Current button widgets do have the ability to change colours and labeling based on state, so you can customise that in whatever way keeps it less confusing.

Meanwhile what you are trying to describe is more like a visually discernible toggle/rocker switch with left/right up/down indication, not a modified slider. Really just a button widget with a different skin option.

I like it :+1:

Yep I would agree with that summary